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Ethical Sourcing

Premium Direct Trade specialty coffee that's ethically sourced, then hand roasted locally in small batches. Barista Approved.


Precisely Ground to give you the perfect taste.

Coffee beans are precisely ground, to have a ready to brew specialty coffee. Just pour over hot water, dip, let it brew and enjoy.


Can be brewed hot or cold

Perfect for your hot cup of latte or a chilled Iced coffee, these bags are versatile and can be used to brew your coffee, your way.

Vienna-Roast- (1).png
  Vienna Roast

Designed from scratch by our Q-tasters to taste great with warm milk. A blend of bitter sweet premium beans makes a strong and smooth cup, in just 5 minutes

Vinay Shah, Mumbai

"Perfect for my taste. Easy to carry, Great concept!"

Kaizan, Bangalore

"Best Iced coffee, very refreshing & has a taste better than I had so far! Gives great vibes."

Amruta, Pune

"Tried it black. Strong, yet smooth and rich in flavor. Best coffee I've had in a long time."
Highest Quality Beans

What makes your cup special? 
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